Get Organized & Have Fun!

Moving can be as exciting as it is stressful, and nothing spells “success” like a well-organized move. To help you glide through the process with ease, we’ve put together a moving timeline and checklist that will not only keep you on track but also make the experience enjoyable. So, grab your favorite drink, put on some music, and let’s dive in!

The “Pre-Move” Party:

Weeks or Months Before the Move:

Declutter and Donate: Start by sorting through your belongings. Donate, sell, or toss items you no longer need or use. It’s a chance to Marie Kondo your life!

6-8 Weeks Before the Move:

Create Your Moving Binder: This is your moving bible! Keep track of quotes, receipts, and important documents here.

4-6 Weeks Before the Move:

Hire a Mover: Research and book a reliable moving company. Check for reviews and ask friends for recommendations.

3-4 Weeks Before the Move:

Start Packing: Begin with items you use less frequently. Don’t forget to label your boxes—it will make unpacking a breeze.

The “Countdown to Moving Day” Extravaganza:

2 Weeks Before the Move:

Notify Important Parties: Inform utility providers, doctors, schools, and subscriptions about your upcoming move.

1 Week Before the Move:

Pack Essentials Bag: Prepare a bag with your daily essentials. It’ll be your lifeline during the transition.

2-3 Days Before the Move:

Confirm with Movers: Ensure all arrangements with your moving company are in order.

The “Moving Day” Fiesta:

Moving Day:

Stay Hydrated and Energized: Have snacks and drinks on hand for you and your movers.

After the Move:

Celebrate: You did it! Treat yourself to a special meal or a movie night in your new home.

The “Post-Move” Party:

1-2 Weeks After the Move:

Unpack Strategically: Start with essentials and gradually tackle the rest.

1 Month After the Move:

Settle In: Explore your new neighborhood, find local hotspots, and make new friends.

Moving doesn’t have to be all stress and no play. With this timeline and checklist, you can turn your move into an organized and enjoyable experience. Remember, Ferrick Brothers Moving is here to make your move easy, so you can focus on the fun part—exploring your new surroundings! Cheers to your new adventure! 🏡🎉